Iowa Notarization – Notary Acknowledgment


A single notarized document consisting of a single signer signature, notary signature, and notary seal.


What is Included?

A single notarization consisting of a single acknowledgment, signer, and notary seal. The most common notarization in Iowa is a notary acknowledgment. In a notary acknowledgment, you (the signer) acknowledge that you signed a document and the notary certifies your statement by completing an acknowledgment certificate. The certificate wording may be printed on your document. If notarial wording is not present on your document, you may request that a loose-leaf notary acknowledgment certificate be attached.

Please confirm that your document includes the required wording by looking for a statement similar to the following:

State of Iowa
County of ___________

Acknowledged before me on this ____________ by ___________…

Notary Public

What to Bring?

Please bring the following to your signing:

  • the document you need notarized.
  • a valid form of identification. The most common forms of acceptable identification include state driver’s licenses and governmental passports.

What to Expect?

Your notarization will take from 15 to 30 minutes. Your document will be reviewed, your identity will be checked, a journal entry will be made detailing your request, and a certificate will be completed corresponding to the type of act you have requested.


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